.Np Domian Registration Cover Letter Generator

For Register .np Domain, also needed cover for your personal, Company, firm, organization etc. purpose. You should follow terms and conditions of  NP CCTLD for .np Domain Registration.

Tips Using .Np Domian Registration Cover Letter Generator

Fill up form on the left side with your correct information,

  • In “Your Name” area  type your name or company name.
  • And  “Your Email” area type your email or company email.
  • Then type your domain name or company domain name on “Domain Name” area.
  • Type the domain name .np extension on “Select Extension” area.
  • Then click on “Generate Letter” Button.
  • Now, your cover letter is automatically generate on right side and click on “Copy Letter” and paste cover letter on your necessary area.

Note : In this cover you need to add Date on top-right side. In case of company, this cover letter replace word “Nepali citizenship” with certificate of registration and also replace word “my name” with company name. This cover letter must print on your official letter head. Then also use company stamp on right-bottom side.

Otherwise, In case of personal, write a copy of letter with your hand on blank paper and also add Date.

.Np Domian Registration Cover Letter Generator